What We Do in Print Management Services

Does your company’s print situation look something like this?

company print setup confusionMost companies’ printing setup is like the image to the right – chaotic. And within chaos is cost. Because what you can’t measure – you can’t manage.

Mosaic’s exclusive process of print management services is a smarter approach. It’s a cost reduction and productivity strategy designed just for your print environment, providing you with a proven analysis to capture your true cost baseline.

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See how it works for yourself:

During this on-site meeting, we want to learn about where you’re experiencing print efficiency breakdowns (and machine breakdowns too). We want to hear about the goals you’re seeking to achieve in your print environment now and in the immediate future, from the budgetary to the logistical.

With a firmer sense of what you’d like to accomplish from your print management process, we’ll build a solution with concrete timelines.

Next we will install our state-of-the-art data collection print software on your network, which allows us to obtain total print counts, supply usage, critical service errors and more. This shows us the exact cost to your company of what’s required to print on a page.

— Mosaic generates a detailed report on errors, toner levels, mono vs. color usage and device utilization within your organization. We can do this type of reporting for entire fleets of printers, copiers, fax machines and multi-function peripherals.

We’re loyal to one mission only and that’s to give you the kind of customized print management solution that’s saved our customers an average of 21%.

— Once the assessment process is complete, we can diagnose problem areas in advance, identify under-utilized equipment and recommend changes to the print environment as a result.

— We’ll also do a physical walk-through of your facility where we will observe the environment in its current state, speak with its end users (your people) and assess your equipment. We conduct two of these “sweeps,” with the second happening once our software has completed its data collection.

— Then we will finish the assessment by developing a print management cost model that evaluates all assets in a balance sheet format.

We will then provide a proposal that gives shows you your optimal printing environment – whether you need any new equipment, how equipment in your facility should ideally be arranged and what your needs for supplies will likely be.

It will also give you a crystal-clear understanding on what the total cost of ownership on equipment in this recommended environment will be.

After reaching an agreement, we’ll bring together any new equipment, supplies and processes that need to be integrated into your existing environment. This step is painless with minimal disruption to your workflow.

As your organization changes, your print environment’s needs are going to change right along with it. Every quarter, we’ll conduct a formal review of your printer fleet to analyze total spending, drill down on unnecessary costs and define new areas of opportunity to uncover savings.

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